Russian Journalist Barks Like a Dog at Ukrainian Journalist in Belarus


The tension between the Ukrainian and Russian governments has escalated to a point that journalists from both nations can barely be kept in the same room. This week, a Russian journalist from Kremlin station LifeNews literally barked at a Ukrainian journalist in Minsk, Belarus, where leaders convened to end the war in east Ukraine.

One Ukrainian journalist asked the reporter why LifeNews lies to their audience. The man “became aggressive” and proceeded to bark like a dog at the journalists. From Meduza:

Ukrainian journalist Olga Koshelenko wrote about the incident on Facebook moments after it occurred: “And it’s true. Sasha from LifeNews jumped up to us and barked in our faces like a dog. It came quite naturally to him. Thankfully, he didn’t bite. Video [to come] later.”

Shortly thereafter, Koshelenko’s colleague, Yulia Yanchar, published video of the incident. In comments to Meduza, Yanchar confirmed that a LifeNews reporter by the name of Sasha really did bark in the faces of several Ukrainian journalists in Minsk.

A LifeNews editor confirmed a journalist from the network did bark at the journalists. However, no one offered an apology.

“Our Alexander Yunashev is the one who barked.”