Leaked Letters From ISIS Commanders Demand Suicide Bombings, Credit for Massacres in France

Afghan commanders said to be backing ISIS.The leader of the new movement, Mullah Abdul Rauf, was a former senior Taliban commander who spent six years in Guantanamo Bay after being captured by US forces in 2001.

Men who left the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) revealed sixteen letters from commanding officers that detail horrifying orders to bomb and murder innocent civilians. Each letter received a stamp to indicate the province it is from.

A man associated with Syria’s Jabhat al-Nusra (the Al-Nusra Front), a jihadist outfit more commonly associated with Al Qaeda, posted pictures of the letters on Twitter. He used the hashtag #HackingTheSecretMessagesofBaghdadiState in reference to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

This letter told a militant named Faruq al-Jazrawi to make sure the Islamic State takes all credit for the massacres in Paris, France in early January.

This letter talks about a car bomb and taking the lives of innocent children.

The author told the recipient to eliminate any prisoners found along the way.

The commander asked for martyrdom for an assassinated Sheikh.

This letter told the recipient to tell Abu Abdullah al-Tunisi, a Kuwaiti client, to organize a suicide attack on the CIA.

This letter insults scientists and lashes out at them for not working with the terrorists.

This letter tells the recipient to organize a suicide bomb at the headquarters of Al-Tawhid Brigade, one of the rebel groups against Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. Those who survive and agree to join ISIS may live.


ISIS has not confirmed or denied these letters, but they have also not been independently verified.