ISIS ‘Special Forces’ Training Video Shows Ridiculous Regimen


The most recent video released by the Islamic State (ISIS) may have been intent on striking fear into the hearts and minds of their enemies, but it bears more semblance to a poorly done and hijacked Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee movie. The creepy, familiar soundtrack in the background also adds to the overall awkwardness.

The Daily Mail points out that one segment of the video shows the Islamic terrorists smashing brown and yellow wall tiles on their heads in an assumed martial arts move. In another, they perform “unnecessary forward rolls over a mound which would leave them far more exposed to enemy fire than keeping low with a commando crawl.” Simply picking the weapon off of the ground would have been a more logical and expeditious tactic.

In another part of the terrorist recruitment video, the jihadis are shrouded in shrubbery in an attempt to display their camouflage skills, and a karate expert-in-residence shows off air kicks and punches combined with splits.

The recent production reportedly arrives on the heels of 15 U.S.-led coalition airstrikes on ISIS forces in Iraq and Syria, per the Combined Joint Task Force, says the Daily Mail. It is also the least sinister of all the videos ISIS has released so far.

A previous video had dozens of young boys, as young as five-years-old, lining up to receive beatings — ranging from getting kicked in the stomach to being hit in their chests with wooden poles — in an attempt to train them for the holy war the militants are training them for. The film titled “The Blood of Jihad in Nineveh” was released in October.

ISIS has reportedly opened a religious school in the Syrian town of Manbij called Osama Bin Laden, after the former leader of al-Qaeda, notes the Mail. It offers religious classes in ISIS’s version of Sharia Law. The goal of ISIS is to create an Islamic Caliphate, the capital of which they have deemed to be an area captured in between Syria and Iraq. The ultimate goal is to have a borderless kingdom where Islam is the ultimate rule.

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