Breitbart’s Dr. Gorka: We Have to Make Being a Jihadi ‘Uncool’

Washington, D.C.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Breitbart News’ National Security Editor and Chair of Military Theory at Marine Corps University, sat down with radio host Lars Larson at the 2015 CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) to discuss a range of foreign policy and national security issues.

Larson opened up by asking Dr. Gorka how he felt about the Islamic State’s rise in Syria and Iraq. They are successfully “recruiting people from outside the region… At the moment, unclassified reports have [ISIS recruitment] in excess of 19,000 people. From Europe, from Australasia, from inside of the Middle East. These are the kinds of numbers that Al Qaeda dreamt of but never managed to reach,” answered Dr. Gorka.

“We have to attack the ideology,” added Dr. Gorka. “We now know that jihadi John, the man that killed [American] citizens, is a well-educated Brit from London… And then he goes to swear loyalty to [ISIS leader] Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, and proceeds to behead U.S. citizens in the name of the Caliphate.”

The Obama administration has “bought into the concept that America is the problem,” said Dr. Gorka. He added that the White House views through the prism that “It’s always about lack of political enfranchisement, unemployment, a lack of education. Its about our involvement in the Middle East. It’s about our colonial legacy. The terrorist is a victim. The philosophy of this administration is ‘it is not their fault.’”

“As a result, they will never tackle the real issue: that this is a form of totalitarianism, just like Communism and Fascism. [The ideology] has to be delegitimized,” he added.

Larson asked Dr. Gorka what the next President should tell the American people about how they are going to stop the threat posed by the global jihadist movement. Dr. Gorka responded that State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf was correct when she said that America can’t kill its way out of the problem. However, she was wrong when she suggested that jobs for jihadis was the solution to the problem, he added. “You cannot kill your way out of this war because its an ideological war,” said the Breitbart National Security Editor. “You have to delegitimize their message.”

“You cannot walk down the mall in D.C. waving a Nazi flag and be a cool person. We have to make it as uncool to wave a black jihadi flag today,” he added.

Listen to the full audio of the interview here.


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