Putin Resurfaces: ‘It Would be Boring Without Gossip!’


Russian President Vladimir Putin finally emerged in public on Monday after a mysterious ten-day disappearance. Speculation grew as Putin canceled multiple public appearances over the weeks, though Putin indulged none of them on Monday, besides a remark that “it would be boring without gossip.”

He met with Almazbek Atambayev, the president of Kyrgyztan, in St. Petersburg on Monday. Reporters began asking almost immediately for an explanation regarding his disappearance.

“It would be boring without gossip!” he replied.

The rumors explaining his disappearance varied widely, from death reports to a secret trip to Switzerland where his alleged girlfriend gave birth to their alleged third child. Some speculated that Putin retreated from the public eye to undergo cosmetic surgery. A look at the photo in The Independent from Monday and an old photo from 2014 appears to depict, some claim, a more youthful Putin at the age of 62.

In February 2014, the website beautyeditor.ca compared Putin’s photos throughout the years.

A documentary on Putin from German television broadcast this month claimed Putin has received face-lifts in the past. “Putin the man” states Putin fears growing old and resorted to cosmetic surgery to appear young. Putin often stages photo ops without a shirt on to show off his build. He also enjoys “hot and cold baths, followed by gym sessions to hone his macho physique.” Putin eats cottage cheese for dinner to maintain his build, sleeps in, and prefers to work in the afternoon, the documentary claims.


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