Plastic Surgery

Texas Woman On Life Support After Cheap Nose Job in Mexico

A Texas woman went to Mexico for a cheap nose job but instead, wound up in a coma and on life support. Now, her family faces the tragic reality that she may have paid the ultimate price for the procedure, according to a variety of sources.


Putin Resurfaces: ‘It Would be Boring Without Gossip!’

Russian President Vladimir Putin finally emerged in public on Monday after a mysterious ten-day disappearance. Speculation grew as Putin canceled multiple public appearances over the weeks, though Putin indulged none of them on Monday, safe a remark that “it would be boring without gossip.”


Vatican Calls Plastic Surgery ‘a Burqa Made of Flesh’

The 12-page working document for a Pontifical Council meeting, titled Women’s Cultures: Equality and Difference, outlines the topics to be discussed, including gender identity and inequality, female poverty, violence against women, complementarity, generativity and the female body.

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