Australian ISIS Widow Tells Girls ‘Lifestyle’ in Caliphate is ‘Amazing’


Another Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) woman is using social media and the internet to entice women to join the sadistic jihadist group in Syria and Iraq.

Umm Abdullatif, also known as Zhera Dumann, answers questions for “wannabe jihadi brides” on Twitter or her page, which is now suspended. But Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty managed to snap photos of a few questions before the site pulled it. She told the girls food in Syria is “yummy,” but tap water causes illnesses. She assured females that Internet connections are decent and they can access “all the womanly supplies.”

One female asked Umm Abdullatif if she could search for a husband for her. The Australian jihadist said she was “more than happy to ishaAllah [God willing]” and told the female to contact her privately. If a woman should perform a “hijra,” Umm Abdullatif said they need to come “with a mahram, an Islamic term meaning a male relative with whom marriage would be considered incestuous, such as her father, brother, or uncle.” Any girl that arrives alone is placed in a house “with a group of other women.”

Umm Abdullatif arrived in Syria by herself in 2014. She married Australian jihadist Mahmoud Abdullatif in December, but he died in January.

Her Twitter account is also used to lure Westerners, not just females, to the caliphate.

She is not the only woman to use social media to reach the Western world. The majority of the Twitter accounts in this story chronicling various accounts used by jihadists to recruit Westerners have been suspended. Most use the title Umm, which means Mother in Arabic. Mia Bloom from the Center for Terrorism and Security Studies at the University of Massachusetts Lowell said ISIS needs these women “in order to be baby factories” to “populate the state.” In Raqqa, Syria, the terrorists created a marriage center where women register to become a wife for a jihadist. However, there are many women in the conquered towns who are forced into these positions against their will. Jihadists force the men to bring out the unmarried and married women in each household, where they are kidnapped and forced into sex slavery.


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