Iranian Youth Celebrate Nuclear Deal Through Rose-Colored Lense

AP Photo/Vahid Salemi
AP Photo/Vahid Salemi

Immediately after Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif announced that all sanctions that were previously imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran would be “terminated,” thousands of Iranians took to the streets to celebrate what they perceived to be a victory for the ages.

Social media was overflowing with images, videos, and tweets, expressing an array of emotions through frozen snapshots that captured the mood of the night. This tweet from Iran shows youth gathering on Chamran Boulevard in Tehran to celebrate the news:

An Associated Press video shows hundreds pouring through the streets of Iran, blasting music in their cars, honking horns, and chanting, “Rouhani motshakereem” (translation: Rouhani, we are grateful). A young man holds up a flag of the Islamic Republic and in his right hand is an image of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani.

Another video shows a group singing, “Zarif duset dareem” (translation: Zarif we love you). A man in the background then shouts, “khasteh nabashee. Mashallah cheh mard!” (translation: we hope you’re not tired. What a man you are!).

Breitbart News spoke with several Iranians living both inside the United States and also in Iran. People have reportedly been chanting, “Negah nakon Zareefeh, shish keshvaro hareefeh” in the streets of Iran, according to the source within the United States. That phrase means “Don’t look at him like he is delicate (or weak). He can take on six countries.” The quote is in reference to Zarif and the six countries are in reference to the group of P5+1 nations at the negotiations in Lausanne, Switzerland, this past week.

Yet, not everyone was rejoicing over the news that $150 billion in frozen Iranian assets might be released to the nation which is largely recognized as a gross violator of human rights and the greatest sponsor of terrorism in the world:

A man named Shahriar, who was born and raised in California’s Bay Area, but who spent a significant amount of time living in Tehran told Breitbart News, “Today is a sad day for Iranian freedom, but I am consoled by the fact it can make us more determined.”

Then, a starkly contrasting view came from within Iran itself from a man named Ali who told Breitbart News in Farsi that he has been living in fear for his life because he’s spoken out against he oppressive regime for some time now.

“Unfortunately most of Iran’s people aren’t acquainted with politics,” he said regarding the celebrations over the pending nuclear deal. “They need foreign help immediately.” Ali said the people of Iran who are celebrating right now don’t understand the magnitude of what’s about to happen, “because the regime of Iran doesn’t inform them about reality.”

He continued, “As far as I know at least 80% of the people are against the entire regime, not only Khamenei. Only a mad can be in favor of the regime!” He then proceeded to call the Iranians who are celebrating in the streets “stupid.”

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