Anti-Semitic Attack Targets Copenhagen Kosher Deli

AP Photo
AP Photo

Less than two months after a jihadist killed an innocent Jewish man outside of a Copenhagen synagogue, a kosher deli in the city suffered damage after vandals smashed out a window and wrote anti-Semitic messages on its walls.

Police found that “One of the shop’s windows was partly broken and the word ‘Jødesvin’ (Jewish pigs) was scrawled on a wall.” According to a report by The Local News Denmark. Police uncovered the damage at 3:30am Thursday morning, Berlingske Tidende reports.

“All vandalism is serious, but it is obvious that when it comes to this particular location, there will be extra focus on it,” a police spokesman told Berlingske Tidende. Police told the media outlet that it was likely a rock was thrown at the window in order to gain entry into the building.

In February, Omar El-Hussein, a 22-year-old Danish-born man with Palestinian roots, was killed by police after he executed a filmmaker and then murdered a Jewish man who was standing guard outside of Copenhagen’s primary synagogue, where a bat mitzvah had been taking place inside the building.

The filmmaker who was murdered, Finn Norgaard, was killed while he was at an event titled “Art, Blasphemy, and Freedom of Expression,” where attendees discussed how drawing depictions of Islam’s Muhammad should be protected as free speech. Cartoonist Lars Vilks, who became marked for death after drawing Muhammad in 2007, hosted the event.

The jihadist, Omar El-Hussein, had reportedly sworn allegiance to the Islamic State and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Local media reported that as many as 1,000 people attended the funeral of the ISIS-linked jihadist, who were seen on video yelling “allahu akbar” (God is greater) and praising the murderer.

Over 130 Denmark citizens have left their country in order to join the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, officials stated.


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