ISIS Supporters on Twitter Claim Responsibility for Attack on Draw Muhammad Event

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The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attack in Garland, TX, on Sunday night. Garland authorities confirmed today that social media “chatter” had gone on for months regarding a potential attack on the Draw Muhammad Contest scheduled there for Sunday.

SITE Intelligence found an ISIS fighter on Twitter, known as Abu Hussain Al-Britani, praising his “two brothers” who “just opened fire” at the contest. He also laughed at the fact that Americans believe they were “safe in Texas from the soldiers of Islamic State.”

Authorities previously targeted Elton Simpson, one of the shooters, in the past due to terrorism connections. There is no proof Simpson is connected with ISIS, but the FBI targeted him in 2006 because “of his radical leanings.” They sent an informant to Simpson’s mosque where they found out about his sympathetic nature towards al-Shabaab in Somalia. From The Telegraph:

The informant reported that Simpson said Allah was supporting those “out there fighting non-Muslims”. He praised Sharia law, and in May 2009 spoke of his wish to travel to Somalia and join al-Shabaab.

“It’s time to go to Somalia, brother,” he told the informant, in taped conversations played in court. “We know plenty of brothers from Somalia. We’re going to make it to the battlefield. It’s time to roll.”

He said he was inspired by “people fighting and killing your kids, and dropping bombs on people that have nothing to do with nothing. You’ve got to fight back, and can’t just be there sitting down smiling at each other.”

Al-Shabaab is currently aligned with Al Qaeda, though the Islamic State has made overtures to the group in an attempt to convert it into another province of its Caliphate. The “Sharia is Light” Twitter user had uploaded a photo of Al Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki as his profile photo.

The FBI arrested Simpson in 2010 after he made plans to travel to Somalia through South Africa “under the pretense of studying at a madrasa.” The FBI could not place him on the No Fly List and only charged him with making false statements.

ISIS supporters and members still gleefully tweet about the attack and claim that somehow the people drawing Mohammed are worse than the two men who attempted to slaughter the participants. They also assert a drawing of Mohammed justifies cold blooded murder.


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