World View: Germany Ends Its Patriot Missile Deployment in Turkey

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  • Russian women increasingly marrying Chinese men
  • Germany ends its Patriot missile deployment in Turkey

Russian women increasingly marrying Chinese men

A big, blond Russian little girl is a favorite wife in China (Wenhuebao)
A big, blond Russian little girl is a favorite wife in China (Wenhuebao)

It seems like a match made in heaven. There’s a shortage of men in Russia because of super-high mortality rates, and there’s a shortage of women in China because of the decades-old “one child policy.”

According to the Hong Kong paper Wenhuebao, “Russian beauties are a good choice for Chinese men.” The article says that Chinese men have “every chance” to find a wife in Russia because “there are few men in that country” and more than half of the women work. Consequently, many Russian women would like to marry and have children.

“In the [Russian] Far East, the number of Russian-Chinese marriages is much greater than you can imagine. Many [Russian] girls from this region think that only in China will it be possible for them to find happiness. [Thus], it is obvious that Russian girls very much need Chinese men.”

The article adds that Russian girls like the fact that few Chinese men “drink wine, which is extremely important for the Russian girls.”

The article also recommends to Chinese men that they seek out wives in Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Africa. However, the poorest choices for Chinese men are Vietnamese women, according to the article, because of the language barrier, and because they’re only in it for the money. Window on Eurasia / Paul Goble and Wenhuebao (Hong Kong) (Trans)

Germany ends its Patriot missile deployment in Turkey

Germany stationed batteries of Patriot missiles in Turkey, 60 miles north of the border with Syria, in January 2013. Turkey requested the help from NATO after a Turkish jet had been shot down by Syrian forces in June 2012, and Syrian shellfire killed Turkish civilians four months later. The Patriot missiles would have been used to shoot down Syrian missiles coming into Turkey from Syria.

Germany now says that it will withdraw the Patriot missiles in January 2016. Germany gives as reasons that the deployment is expensive. In addition, German’s Defense Ministry says, “The decision was taken after the present assessments made by the NATO in June 2015, which concluded that the threat against Turkish territories by Syrian ballistic missiles is very low.”

In 2013, additional Patriot missile batteries were sent to Turkey by the United States and the Netherlands. Early this year, the Netherlands withdrew their Patriot missiles, and they were replace by units from Spain. Deutsche Welle (Berlin) and Today’s Zaman (Istanbul)

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