Gaza Imam Wields Knife, Tells Congregation to Kill Jews Like Muhammad Did


In a sermon delivered over the weekend at a mosque in Gaza, an Imam encouraged fellow Palestinians to hunt down Jews in the West Bank, calling for Muslims to “stab” Jews wherever they find them.

Sheikh Muhammad Sallah “Abu Rajab,” who brandished the knife, told congregants of the Al-Abrar Mosque in Gaza that the stabbing attacks are just the “first phase” in Palestinians’ terror operations against Israel’s Jews, according to a transcript provided by the Middle East Media Research Center (MEMRI).

The cleric made clear that Muslims were engaged in a religious war against Jews.

“This is Jerusalem… Much can be told about Jerusalem. This is where the soldiers of the Prophet Muhammad are. This is the grace of Allah. The soldiers of the Prophet Muhammad are here,” the cleric said. “Brothers, this is why we recall today what Allah did to the Jews. We recall what he did to them in Khaybar,” he added, referring to Muhammad’s slaughter of Jews.

The Imam shortly thereafter pulled out a large dagger and began to make stabbing motions, again encouraging fellow Muslims to kill Jews.

He continued, inciting worshipers: “My brother in the West Bank: Stab! My brother is the West Bank: Stab the myths of the Talmud in their minds! My brother in the West Bank: Stab the myths about the temple in their hearts!”

Encouraging terroristic acts, he talked about how the “first phase of the operation requires stabbing” so Jews become afraid to leave their homes.”

Pretending that the land of Israel ever belonged to what is now known as the Palestinian people, the Imam said that Jews will get “nothing in our land except for slaughtering or stabbing.”

“Do not fear what will be said about you. Oh men of the West Bank, next time, attack in a group of three, four, or five. Attack them in groups. Cut them into body parts,” the radical cleric concluded.

The sheikh is far from the only Gaza leader to call for the killing of Jews. A Hamas member of parliament went on Al Jazeera over the weekend to encourage fellow Arabs to join the “Jerusalem Intifada.”

In another video transcribed by MEMRI, Hamas MP Mushir Al-Masri said shortly before brandishing a knife: “The Jerusalem Intifada has been launched, and Allah willing, it is irreversible. We must all join the Jerusalem Intifada – all the Palestinian factions. “Let the competitors compete.” Was the pure blood not blessed? Were the proud arms not blessed? Were the holy stones not blessed? Were the blessed knives not blessed?”


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