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Afghans Who Visit Saudi Arabia Recruited to Fight in Yemen War

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Saudi Arabia is reportedly recruiting young Afghans who visit to fight against the Iran-allied Shiite rebels known as Houthis in the ongoing Yemen war.

Citing BBC Persian, Khaama Press reports that “the revelation was made after conducting interviews with the family members of the Afghan youths who have gone missing after visiting Saudi Arabia for Hajj pilgrimage.”

Nevertheless, the family members quoted say it remains unclear specifically who is deploying the Afghans to Yemen.

A Saudi-led coalition has been combating the Houthis and their allies since March 2015.

Saudis are primarily recruiting young Afghans to fight against the Houthis, BBC Persian reportedly revealed.

“A man whose relative has been deployed to Yemen two months ago told BBC Persian that six to seven members of his family have left for Yemen after visiting Saudi Arabia for Umra Hajj pilgrimage,” notes Khaama Press. “The man identified as Ahmadeen further added that 40 to 45 people from the close villages and the youths are mainly participating in the war in Yemen to defend from Mecca holy city.”

“This comes as reports emerged late in the month of August last year suggesting at least 3,500 Afghans are fighting in Syria in support of Bashar al-Assad,” it adds. “Relatives of a number of those killed while fighting for the Syrian regime have said the Afghan nationals are lured by the month salary of $700 and Iranian residency permit.”

Last November, Breitbart News reported the regime in Tehran was recruiting Shiite refugees in neighboring Afghanistan to fight on behalf of Syrian dictator and Iran ally Assad.

Citing The Guardian, Breitbart News noted that “the recruiting effort has become a widespread success. The pro-Assad Fatemiyoun Brigade, made up of Afghan refugees, is now the second biggest foreign military entity on the ground in Syria that is fighting in support of the Damascus tyrant, just second to the Hezbollah terror group, Iran’s proxy in Lebanon.”

In September 2015, Breitbart News reported that Afghan refugees recruited by Iran were being essentially used as “cannon fodder” for Assad’s security forces, fueling a high fatality toll among their ranks.

“There are no reports regarding the exact casualties of the Afghan nationals participating in the Syrian conflict as well as likely participation of the Afghan youths in Yemen war, although numerous pictures and videos of the Afghans captured by the Syrian rebels have emerged with their fate yet to be determined,” notes Khaama Press.


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