Air Force Launches Ballistic Missile from California

Minuteman missile (USAF / AP)

On February 20, a Minuteman 3 missile was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base near Los Angeles.

The missile was launched “at 11:34 pm PST,” with a destination approximately “4,200 miles away in the Pacific Ocean. The actual range of the Minuteman 3 is nearly 8,100 miles.

According to the Daily Mail, the Minuteman 3 was carrying “a test-entry vehicle” the Marshall Islands. The launch was supposed to occur much earlier than 11:34 pm, but lift-off was still within the designated launch window.

30th Space Wing Commander, Colonel J Christopher Moss released a statement explaining that it is not uncommon for a slight delay to attend even a routine launch, as every launch “requires a tremendous amount of effort and absolute attention to detail in order to ensure…[it is] safe and successful.”

Minuteman missiles “first appeared in America’s arsenal in 1962,” the Mail notes The current model–Minuteman 3–dates back to 1970.

Although the missile was launched into the night sky, there were no UFO reports as there were during the last missile launch. In November 2015 the Navy “fired a missile from a submarine off the coast of Southern California at night causing scores of residents to report it as a UFO,” the Mail notes.

It is unclear whether the missile test was intended as a response to North Korea’s own provocative recent missile launch.

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