Andrew McCarthy: Massive Muslim Migration Guarantees Future Radicalization


Prosecutor of jihadists Andrew McCarthy joined Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM Channel 125 Patriot with host Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon following the Orlando terror attack.

McCarthy told listeners that Islamic Sharia law goes beyond Islamic terror group ISIS, and the problem of “massive migration by an assimilation-resistant Sharia supremacist culture” will ensure radicalization for years to come.

Near the end of the interview, McCarthy said, “[Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald] Trump has it a lot more right than the Republican Establishment does and that the problem with massive Muslim migration to the West is not just that trained terrorists could infiltrate and sneak their way in with groups of migrants.”

In recent months, Trump called for a temporary ban on Muslim migration to the United States until those individuals can be properly vetted. He renewed that call after Sunday’s terror attack.

McCarthy continued:

As we saw today, this is an American born jihadist, right? What you see all across Europe is these Sharia enclaves. These places where recruiting and all kinds of fundraising, planning, et cetera, where jihadists can float from place to place with relative ease. Such that the guy who did the Paris attack, after a four month transcontinental manhunt, was captured about 30 paces from his home because its safe going for these people in these places.

So the problem that we have is if you allow massive migration by an assimilation resistant Sharia supremacist culture, its not just the terrorists who might come in with them, its the radicalization that you are buying onto and guaranteeing for the next at least 10 years going forward.

To my mind Trump’s a lot closer to being right on that than the Republican Establishment who wants to tell us that you know the, its not our values to protect our national security. Which to me is just so removed from reality is to be insane.

Bannon asked McCarthy to explain to listeners the details laid out in one of two Sunday reports for the National Review. In the article McCarthy detailed the aspect of Sharia Law that calls for killing homosexuals and specifically stated that ISIS is not the origin of that action, Islamic Sharia Law and Muslim scripture are.

McCarthy told listeners:

Washington is making the same noises that it always makes. It either says that this was anti-Islamic activity or it says that, since there are terrorist ties, that we must be ISIS inspired activity and I want people to understand, and it’s vitally important that they understand that ISIS is not the source by a long shot. Islam’s and particularly Sharia Law’s persecution of homosexuals which goes back over a millennium. It existed long before guns, which may be news to President Obama who seems to think guns may have caused this and that a police system that says you’re supposed to kill homosexuals is not to blame.

There are authoritative treatises of Sharia, of muslim law, that very blatantly and plainly lay out the fact that Islam’s hostility to homosexuals is scripturally based and more importantly for our present purposes is that Sharia, which is the muslim societal system. So that’s just the legal system but its basically it’s totalitarian and social project. Sharia sits basically, back in the 10th century when it was pretty much set in stone, has held that homosexuals should be killed. And not only killed, someone like Ayatollah Ali Sistani who the Bush administration regarded as one of the great moderates that it was relying on in it’s democracy project, he said that homosexuals should be killed in the worst way possible.

Bannon asked McCarthy how we can have a bloody attack like the one on Sunday and the country continues to debate terminology. McCarthy responded, “Can you imagine you try to run a successful war effort and the first thing that you do is break the basic law of war that you need to understand the enemy, to know the enemy in order to be able to defend yourself and defeat the enemy?”

He continued:

When we tried the Blind Sheikh, one of the things he said that made the jury gasp, that you’ll appreciate from your Naval service, is that, if we just had four or five operations like Hezbollah did to the Marines in Beruit, that you could drive the United States out of the Middle East and out of wherever the hell you wanted to drive them out. They’ve been beating that drum for 40 years.

McCarthy is both a senior policy fellow at the National Review Institute and contributing editor at National Review. He served as Chief Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York who, as a description of his experience states, is “best known for leading the prosecution against the Blind Sheik (Omar Abdel Rahman) and eleven other jihadists for waging a terrorist war against the United States – including the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and a plot to bomb New York City landmarks.”

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