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Man Bikes from Argentina to Rio de Janeiro Olympics — Bike Gets Stolen

A woman rides her bicycle as she passes over a newly-painted bicyle lane ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympic games near Barra da Tijuca beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 27, 2016. REUTERS/Sergio Moraes
REUTERS/Sergio Moraes

Franco Rodriguez rode his bicycle from his native Cordoba, Argentina, thirty-five hundred kilometers to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics. He will need a new mode of transportation home as his bike was stolen from Le Hostel inn where he was staying.

According to Brazilian Newspaper O Globo“images of Le Hostel security cameras show that, around 5:30, a white man with a shaved head, wearing long pink shirt and pants, entered the inn, took the bike and left soon after.”

The bike he had stolen was a red and black Venzo Vulcan 29, which usually costs around $5,000 new. Rodriguez is hoping that the bike’s unique design will make it conspicuous for police to find.

Rodriguez had already planned to return home to Cordoba by plane. He told O Globo, “Luckily, I had already planned to return to Argentina by plane. I’ll stay in town until Friday to follow the Games.” He said it was his third stay in the city.

Weeks before the Olympics began, Breitbart News reported about the security concerns in Rio:

The government of Brazil has assured the world it will put on a spectacular show during August’s Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro despite the many problems casting a shadow over preparations: a Zika epidemic, rampant political corruption, an economic collapse, and now a new crime wave threatening tourists and athletes alike.

The high crime levels in the city, particularly of robbery and non-violent theft, have largely overshadowed the Games. A variety of high-profile names — from Portugal’s Minister of Education to the head of Olympic security — have been the target of robbers. there had been so many stories of people getting robbed and it is not only tourists who are affected.


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