Watch the Evolution of 20 American Fighter Jets in Under 15 Seconds

AP Photo
AP Photo

A key component of America’s unparalleled military strength has been its fighter jets, which have been flying since 1946. has now compiled an animation of all 20 of these extraordinary aeronautical designs.

The animation, which lasts less than 15 seconds, begins with models such as the F-5B Freedom Fighter used in the Vietnam War, the F-15E Strike Eagle used in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the F-35 Lightning II which became combat-ready last July.

Throughout the years, the jets evolve into sleeker, faster, more maneuverable designs. The earliest models, such as the F1-Fury were driven by propellers, while more recent models have taken a sleeker, more stealth-like designs.

Under Donald Trump’s presidency, military spending is set to increase with a focus on improving Air Force capabilities.

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