Video: Islamic State ‘Cubs’ Kill Prisoners in Mock Combat Drill

Video: Islamic State ‘Cubs’ Kill Prisoners in Mock Combat Drill

A shocking Islamic State propaganda video shows a group of pre-pubescent children hunting down prisoners in an abandoned building before executing them.

In a film released by ISIS’s Al Hayat News Agency, armed boys known as the “Cubs of the Caliphate” can be seen checking each room in what initially appears to be a standard combat drill.

Rather than practicing with artificial targets, the children shoot down real captives, who despite being handcuffed try to avoid execution by moving from room to room.

According to Sky News, who refused to show the full footage due to its graphic nature, prisoners are shown begging for mercy and screaming in agony, before all of them are finally killed.

The video is just one of a number released by ISIS showing children executing prisoners, with a video in January depicting a similar scenario through another abandoned building in Raqqa. One child can be seen cornering a victim before he jumps off a building to his death.

In January, the terrorist organization unveiled a video showing a toddler firing multiple rounds of bullets into an opposition Kurdish fighter, while screaming “Allah Akbar.”

The filmmakers deliberately use children to create a maximum impact on their viewers, proving the effective level of indoctrination taking place in the extremist organization.

Just this week, ISIS captured nearly 200 children to use as human shields in the battle for Mosul, Iraq, a former ISIS stronghold which has now been mostly liberated by the U.S Kurdish coalition.

According to a report by the Combating Terrorism Center, ISIS is now “mobilizing children and youth at an increasing and unprecedented rate,” with an estimated 1,500 child fighters working in their militias.

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