Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s ‘Eyebrow’ Causes Social Media Firestorm

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AFP/Lars Hagberg

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s eyebrow stole the show at the G7 summit in Quebec this weekend when social media users pointed out the Canadian leader’s left eyebrow appeared to slide off his face.

The Canadian leader and French President Emanuel Macron appeared together for a joint press conference when his left eyebrow appeared to fall abnormally below his right one, prompting many social media users to accuse Trudeau of wearing “fake brows.”

“Justin Trudeau’s left eyebrow detached after meeting Trump — so what? These days, who doesn’t wear fake eyebrows?” one user tweeted.

“Breaking wind from CNN! @realDonaldTrump announces new tariffs on fake eyebrows!” former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee tweeted, also poking fun of the prime minister as “Eyebrowgate” ensued.

One creative Twitter user created the account “Trudeau’s Eyebrows,” stating in the account bio that the prime minister is an “advocate for fake eye brows everywhere.”

“Fear me,” one of the tweets pinned to the top of the account reads.

Despite the “Eyebrowgate” craze, a reporter from BuzzFeed News pointed out Trudeau’s eyebrow debunked the “fake eyebrow” theory, chalking off the askew brow to the lighting in the room.

“I can’t believe this has to be said, but Justin Trudeau obviously didn’t have a ‘fake eyebrow’ falling off during his press conference with Emmanuel Macron,” the reporter tweeted. “It’s a trick of the light. When looking down, the shadow makes his left brow look weird. When looking up, it looks normal.”


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