Peter Schweizer: ‘Ban All China Lobbying!’ Washington’s Revolving Door Harms America

Young America's Foundation / YouTube

In the new Drill Down podcast, Peter Schweizer and Eric Eggers go after the K Street crowd happily doing business with Beijing-connected interests despite China’s record of human rights abuses and actions that undermine the U.S. They take special aim at former members of Congress who now lobby on China’s behalf.

Their guest is former Congressman Frank Wolf, a consistent voice for religious liberty and freedom and human rights in China, who says, “To have anyone representing the CCP’s interests is inappropriate…what we see is things completely out of control.’’

“He’s had China’s number for 25 years,” Eggers says of Wolf. “He’s been trying to revoke their most favorite nation status because of their track record of human rights abuses.” Wolf recently served on the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, which has issued a scathing new report detailing a long list of Chinese human rights abuses.

Schweizer runs down a list of former members of Congress – members of both parties, including former GOP Speaker John Boehner — who are making big money by representing China’s interests in Washington.

“Anything you do to help the CCP is a direct threat to the American men and women who are in the military,” Wolf adds.

Don’t miss this week’s deep dive on one of today’s most important topics.

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