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End this Now: Rep. Weiner Should Demand an Investigation this Afternoon


MSNBC is reporting that, this afternoon, Rep. Weiner will offer interviews to two TV Networks. Presumably, he doesn’t want a repeat of yesterday’s disastrous press conference. Also, presumably, he’s realized that he can’t simply “choose” to not talk about this incident. So, maybe, having exhausted all other options, he has simply decided to answer the questions directly.

There really aren’t that many that need answering. In the interest of being helpful, I’ve put together my own list of nagging questions:

1. Did you post the photo on your Twitter account? I’m a bit flummoxed that your office won’t give a clear answer on this.

2. Is that you in the photo? Again, pretty straightfoward.

3. Were you hacked or the victim of a ‘prank?’ See, first you alleged that your Facebook(?) account was hacked, then said, actually, it was all just a prank. Which begs the question: How did you make the distinction? I mean, the outcome of either would be the same–lewd photo posted on your twitter feed, but ‘prank’ suggests and intention to ‘do a funny’ on you. So, if you know the motive, it stands to reason that you know the perpetrator.

4. If you were hacked…will you please call for an investigation? My understanding is that much of this could be cleared up pretty quickly by law enforcement, or even Twitter and Yfrog, officials. (Be a gem, think of your friends in the media. The NBC anchor above is practically begging for this story to go away. Help the guy out.)

5. Finally, can you just quickly explain how you decided to follow a 21 year old college student from Seattle? You don’t really follow that many people, but there seems to be quite a few who meet a certain, shall we say, profile.

Sure, there are other lingering questions, but those 5 would put to rest most of our doubts. When all else has failed, you might as well go with the truth.


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