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Stop Pigford Fraud! Interview with Rep. Steve King & How You Can Stop The Fraud In Under 5 Minutes


Here’s a chance to stop the Pigford fraud in its tracks – Rep. Steve King (R – IA) has introduced an amendment to halt Pigford Funding. This is about the multi-billion dollar “Black Farmers Settlement” that we’ve been exposing as a fraud for over six months at

The last time that King tried to introduce a bill to stop Pigford II funding last year, he was blocked by the Democrat controlled congress and it wasn’t allowed to come up for a vote. Now we have a chance to do the right thing and end the fraud.

You can make a difference, right now – this is a vote we can win.

You just need to make 4 quick calls, visit one site and then send and email or a Tweet.

  1. Call your Congressman and tell them you support Rep. Steve King’s amendment to stop Pigford II funding. This is especially important if you have a GOP Congressman.

Not sure who your Congressperson is or how to teach them? Use this website.

2. Call Republican Leadership and tell them you support Steve King’s amendment to stop Pigford II funding.

  1. John Boehner, Speaker of the House: 202-225-6205
  2. Eric Cantor, Majority Leader : 202-225-2815
  3. Kevin McCarthy, GOP Whip : 202-225-2915

  1. Sign the petition – it only takes a few seconds. Click here to read and sign.
  2. Tell a friend – Tweet, like on Facebook or email a link to this page.

Do it right now – the vote is in the morning. Just leave a message. for your Congressman.

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Michele Bachmann speaking at our Pigford Press conference earlier this year; you’ll notice farmer Eddie Slaughter in the background:

Andrew Breitbart debating Pigford lead attorney Al Pires on John Stossel :

An interview with Georgia farmer Luscious Abrams, talking about the Pigford Settlement and how it’s hurt the real black farmers:

A short expose about “Dr.” John Boyd, one of the people behind Pigford II – you’ve got to see this to believe it:

A rough cut of the opening of the documentary Pigford Blues :


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