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Rep. Bachman to Minority Voters: Obama's Hope and Change is a failure


I had a chance to view a clip of Rep. Michelle Bachmann boasting that President Obama has failed Black and Hispanic Voters. Well I have to look no further than my front door to see the truthfulness in Ms. Bachmann’s statement.

Rep. Michelle Bachman speaks truth to power

I clearly remember in 2008, how the self-appointed leaders within the Black Community convinced the mass that the election of Barrack Obama would fulfill the dream of Martin Luther King and that Hope and Change had finally arrived after nearly 50 years of promises by Democrats. Now more than 2 years after the election of Barrack Obama, the same coalition of minorities, who propelled him to victory in 2008, are now bearing the brunt of his failed policies in 2011.

While the Obama sycophants have been trying to convince minorities that his failures are not his own, but the direct result of everything from Republican obstructionism to the rise of the Tea Party Movement, the truth of the matter remains that when he entered office, he had mass majorities in the House and a filibuster proof Senate, thus he and his party which included all those Democrat leaning minority caucuses that claim to represent our interest and speak solely on our behalf have squandered their power.

President Obama has not failed because of partisan obstructionism or the rise of the tea party movement; he has failed because he chose not to lead from day one. He sold the majority of Americans on his brand of Hope and Change and now the partisan hacks such as Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean, current DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and all of the MSNBC Line-up are claiming that any accountability leveled in Obama’s direction by Americans is racist? If accountability is now racism, then failure is the burning cross from which it feeds.

I have to look no further than my front door to see the failures of the Obama Policies, as a Black American living in what has been labeled the wealthiest Black Majority County in America (Prince George County Maryland). I can drive countywide and see Hope and Change at its worst with foreclosed home, shuttered Small Businesses, numerous Black and Hispanic American walking the streets bitter because they are among the nation’s record unemployed and underemployed, yet at the same time I live along the flight line of Andrews Air Force Base and on any given day I can see Air Force One clawing it’s way skyward carrying the President and his family to some far off vacation spot in Africa or South America or to another fundraiser, while the most loyal of his supporters barely have gas in their cars to drive around the corner or the funds to take their children to the local Chucky-E-Cheese.

The Obama sycophants will run into Prince George’s County and other urban areas with their self-appointed leaders once again and try to convince us that allowing President Obama to be defeated in 2012 will allow the forces of racists to win and with it end the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, which they claim to have inherited over the years.

Progressives will attack Rep. Bachmann as “a racist” for giving her factual assessment of the Obama’s Presidency. I don’t have to take Rep Bachmann’s word for it as I can simply look out front door or walk through my childhood neighborhood to see what Hope and Change has got Americans like me.


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