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Union Corruption: There's No App For That


Remember that time the Department FOR Labor spent taxpayer money for a broken mobile app that actually could have shortchanged some workers? Well, their latest foray into mobile apps ought to be just as embarrassing.

This week the DOL, busy working to ensure small businesses can’t fight off union organizing drives, has shown off its flare for helping mobile developers create apps based on DOL data–as long as that data can be used to smear business but NOT Big Labor. (In fact, the Department is even putting $35,000 more in taxpayer money into prizes to spur more creation of anti-business, pro-union apps.)

But …. the data sets released by DOL so far have mysteriously failed to include anything from the Office of Labor-Management Standards, which gathers up information on union-boss pay and perks, political cash thrown to lefty groups like ACORN and anti-corporate campaigns, and tracks investigations into union-boss corruption and abuse of members.

It’s possible OLMS has just been too darned busy protecting employees. Or it could be that the head of OLMS, John Lund — described by National Right To Work as “Former SEIU and IUOE Official, Big Labor Consultant, Former Pacific Northwest Labor College Director, and Former University of Wisconsin School for Workers Director (currently on unpaid leave from the School for Workers) — just isn’t that interested in publicizing Big Labor’s dirty laundry.


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