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Rep. Shelia Jackson-Lee Uses Race Card to Cover for Obama's Lack of Leadership


As an American, who happens to be Black as well as Conservative, I publicly condemn the shameless attempt by Rep Shelia Jackson-Lee (D-Texas) to inject the President’s race into the ongoing debate between the President and Congressional Leaders concerning the debt ceiling.

Ms. Jackson-Lee took to the floor of the House and railed that the President’s political opponents were being disrespectfully in their opposition to raising the debt limit (something that he voted against as a Senator)and not compromise with him (in which compromise mean only agreeing with his position and his position only).

It would seem that Ms. Jackson-Lee and her fellow Progressives in Congress have sought to instill personhood upon their ideology and denounce anyone who voices their opposition to their policies as “a racist.”

Ms. Jackson-Lee also claims that she and her fellow Black Progressives speak for my community as a whole, but then avoid the fact that it has been the minority communities that have suffered the most under the failed policies of President Obama and now his supporters claim that the same minorities, who are now suffering are questioning his treatment as President because Conservative Republicans will not give him another 2 trillion dollar blank check to fund the same failed programs that did not work with the first 5 trillion dollars in spending.

I call upon all Americans of good standing and faith to join me in condemning Ms. Jackson-Lee reprehensible attempt to use race as a foil against the political opponents of President because he chosen to act like a spoiled children rather than a leader that finds compromise on an issue in the best interest of the nation

Ms. Jackson-Lee needs be censured by her colleagues and force to issue a public apology on the Floor of the House for this clearly transparent attempt.


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