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Who Says Union Goons Are Violent?


Like many, you may know that union bosses put up inflatable rats outside businesses they are trying to intimidate into handing over their workers. But this week — in true turnabout-is-fair-play style — someone put up an inflatable rat outside the National Labor Relations Board hearing where Obama appointees are attempting to neuter real union organizing elections.

Well, that set off union activist and writer Mike Elk. He’s getting angry, and you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. He views those who differ with him as “scabs” and says:

I am very non violent person, but theres something about my background that gets me so upset about scabs

… and …

like I remember being at Ravenswood as a kid and those guys would just go slash tires of scabs basically all day

… and …

its a weird violent streak I have in me, like a very non violent guy but u bring up scabs and i just become a differnt guy

… which leads to …

BIGGER QUESTION – who the fuck let union busters rent a giant rat? We need to find those scabs and kick their ass

Ah, yes, the nonviolent union movement and its morally weighty “bigger” questions. It’s almost like they have a manual for intimidation.


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