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Andrew Breitbart on Uncommon Knowledge


Big Government’s very own Andrew Breitbart stopped by our studio recently to discuss his latest book, Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World. Check out the episode below to learn more about his days as a liberal parrot and how his father-in-law’s suggestion to actually listen to Rush Limbaugh helped him see the light of day.

It was after a few months of listening that Breitbart discovered that (shocker!) Rush was not a racist, sexist homophobe, but in fact a journalist who, using AM radio of all things, spent every day painting a vivid picture of the Democrat Media Complex. Rush was analyzing the source material of the world (NY Times, NBC, etc) and exposing it as the front line of the political battle. Main stream media used “objectivity” as their greatest weapon.

Breitbart goes on to describe the new media revolution (starting with Matt Drudge in 1995) and explain his hope for the future. He wants the center-right nation to fight for its soul. To commit to the battle in the media with the same force and excellence as NPR and Jon Stewart.

Andrew talks about co-creating the Huffington Post so that the left would have a home online (and grant source material to conservatives). And when asked who’s winning, he admits that while the Left still controls the money, the Right is winning tactically. His goal with every story is to aim it straight at MSM, to dare them to cover his news. And it seems to be working.

Check out the full interview, here.

[youtube b8CpON8VrRU]

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