New York Fallout: President Obama 'Moving to Avoid Political Suicide'


The ultra-liberal Huffington Post blared that President Obama: “MOVING TO AVOID POLITICAL SUICIDE”; as the White House abandoned efforts to pass his American Jobs Act and went into a maximum defensive mode to save the President’s imploding re-election campaign following the loss of Anthony Weiner’s ultra-Democrat New York House seat and the launch of an inter-party rebellion to deny Obama the Democratic nomination for President.

The President took his best shot at trying to sell America his vision for new stimulus spending in last week’s joint- session of Congress speech the main-stream-media adoringly termed: “forceful yet plain-spoken message on jobs and the economy”. Hope for the bill’s passage wilted on Tuesday with front page article: “Support for Big Government Jobs Programs has Evaporated” simultaneously published in the conservative Big Government and the ultra-liberal Huffington Post. The story revealed a 50% opinion poll plunge in “likely voter” support for spending on job creation has doomed much of the bill.

Legislative losses can cause political damage to any Presidential Administration; but the stunning blow last night as voters in New York’s 9th Congressional District, formerly held by disgraced Democrat Anthony Weiner, reversed a nearly 90-year tradition by electing a Republican has begun what Andrew Breitbart termed a “Civil War Against Obama”.

The first hint there might be a coup d’etat brewing against the President by the extremist wing of his party came ten days ago in an Op Ed by Mat Stoller: “What Democrats can do about Obama” published in the liberal “Salon” website.

Stoller is Fellow of the non-profit Roosevelt Institute that is devoted to carrying forward the most collectivist legacy and values of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. His editorial comments are a clear warning to Obama his party’s elites stand ready to decapitate his re-election campaign if his plummeting prospects threatened to drag down other Democrats in the 2012:

“From the debt ceiling fiasco to the recent rescheduling of a jobs speech at the behest of Speaker Boehner, it has not been a good summer for President Obama. Like Chinese water torture, Gallup’s daily tracking poll has shown a steady and unrelenting drip of bad news. He has been in and out of the high 30s for his approval, and in the low to mid-50s for his disapproval. George W. Bush’s approval rating didn’t drop this low until Katrina hit. And on the economy, 71 percent of Americans disapprove of how Obama is doing his job. Even among reliably Democratic groups — union households, women and young people — he’s now unpopular.

No one, not even the president’s defenders, expect his coming jobs speech to mean anything. When the president spoke during a recent market swoon, the market dropped another 100 points. Democrats may soon have to confront an uncomfortable truth, and ask whether Obama is a suitable choice at the top of the ticket in 2012. They may then have to ask themselves if there’s any way they can push him off the top of the ticket.

Stoller and other Democratic insiders are still seething that Obama nearly ruined the Party in 2010, with the worst electoral performance since 1894. According to the Gallup poll, from 2008 to 2010 the fastest growing demographic party label was “former Democrat”. Obama took over the party in 2008 with 36% of Americans considering themselves Democrats and within just two years the number had dropped to a 22-year low of only 31%. Stoller threatens:

It would be one thing if Obama were failing because he was too close to party orthodoxy. Yet his failures have come precisely because Obama has not listened to Democratic Party voters. He continued idiotic wars, bailed out banks, ignored luminaries like Paul Krugman, and generally did whatever he could to repudiate the New Deal. The Democratic Party should be the party of pay raises and homes, but under Obama it has become the party of pay cuts and foreclosures. Getting rid of Obama as the head of the party is the first step in reverting to form.

Those insiders are especially suspicious the Tea Partyers that Barack Obama has fomented; look allot like the Reagan Democrats that Jimmy Carter fomented. After the Carter wipeout; it took Democrats 28 years to regain a veto-proof majority in government. The lock they gained on absolute power in 2008; vanished after just two years. It is the Republicans who increasingly stand poised to capture veto-proof majorities next year that could potentially last for decades.

The shocking loss of Weiner seat is already being blamed on the President. His fundraising will soon shrink as several candidates will file to challenge Obama in the coming primaries. As the acrid smell of rebel bomb-fires fill the Washington air; President Barack Hussein Obama had best be hunkered down in the White House Situation Room, with what’s left of his loyalists cadre, reading up on how to avoid the “Arab Spring” failures of Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak and Libya’s Colonel Muammar Ghadhaffi.

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