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OccupyWallStreet Wants to Seize Trillions from Economy


While it is an open question whether Obama and BigLabor created the #Occupy anarchy spilling out around the country or are simply trying to co-opt it for the upcoming campaign, its clear that something is a foot. Past attempts to create a leftist alternative to the mainstream tea party movement included the Coffee Party (apparently decaffeinated) and the non-sensical “No Labels” party. Those efforts didn’t even make it past one news cycle.

So, rather than risk going into the next election without an energized base, ObamaBigLabor have gone back to the reliable well of extreme leftist radicals. Sure, they are few in number, and a bit crazy-even by leftist standards-but, if enough rank-and-file union members can be convinced to join them, the media will lend a hand and make it all seem very reasonable and mainstream. With enough media support, the American public may not even appreciate the true radicalism of this new ‘movement’ until after Obama is reelected.

So, as part of our ongoing public service, BigGovernment thought we’d revisit some of the early days of the current ‘anarchy.’ You see, the current protests began to be planned around June. Coincidentally, this was around the same time that Richard Trumpka, big boss of the AFL-CIO said this to Salon:

What you’re about to see is, we’re going to do a full-time, around the calendar political program that’s going to be mobilizing and educating people 12 months a year, 24 months a cycle, as opposed to doing it till Election Day and dismantling it.


We’re going to try to get back on every campus out there, start a debate about how we change the country, how we change the economy. We’re bringing young people in and not saying, here’s what we can do for you, but tell us what you need us to do for you?

And no, this is not your ordinary union organizing campaign.

This new effort isn’t so much about securing higher wages and benefits for individual union members, but more about reshaping the country’s entire political economy. Rank-and-file union members may find the extreme radicalism of their new allies shocking, but this radicalism is perfectly aligned with the views of their union bosses. As unions become increasingly dominated by public sector employees, expanding government anywhere and everywhere become labor’s number one priority.

In the lead up to the planned September 17th “occupation” of Wall Street, the organizers of OccupyWallStreet held an August rally against New York state budget cuts. It was in may respects a “dry-run” for today’s “occupations,” From their alert on the rally:

This is a call for every teacher, home health aid, parent, student, tenant, librarian, city/state employee, childcare provider, nurse, patient, employed or unemployed worker or recipient of Social Security or any type of public assistance: on August 2 come to Wall Street–the scene of the crimes now being perpetrated on the people — and make your voice heard!

The current depression-level crisis is not due to lack of revenue. It’s due to theft. The trillions that the banks are sitting on right now? That’s our money. Whether through taxes; the looting of pension and social security contributions; or the wealth we created from our labor — all of that belongs to us. Come to Wall Street August 2 and strategize — on how to get that back!

Believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg. And, of course, BigGovernment will bring you more over the coming weeks. But, keep that last paragraph in mind when the media tries to convince you that the current protests are mainstream or in any way reflective of the views of the American public.


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