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Obama Appeases #OccupyWallSt Professional Protestors to Boost Reelection Chances


President Obama and liberal Democrats are almost orgasmic at the thought they have finally found a movement to counter the Tea Party in the Occupy Wall Street astroturf.

While the President, liberal Democrats, union leaders and some in the media have tried to convince Americans that this is a grassroots movement that is raging against corporate greed on Wall Street and is being led by disenfranchised Americans, the truth of the matter is that this is the usual bunch of suspects on the far left such as International ANSWER, Code Pink, the Communist Party USA, and the Workers World Party, to name a few — a loose coalition of anarchist groups and angry trust-fund babies looking for their lot in life.

President Obama and liberal Democrats, in praising this bunch, are trying to give them mainstream exposure, but as the American people have come to find out more about this so-called coalition group and their list of demands, which read something like a Communist Redbook, they are coming to realize that this is the same bunch that show up at annual IMF/World Bank Meeting and engage in massive protests which includes general mayhem, destroying private property and battling the police in the streets. With that said, you can hardly call this group grassroots; they are professional protestors whose overall objective is to replace our system of individual freedoms with big government socialism, even if that means using violence to accomplish it.

President Obama and liberal Democrats know full well that they have to appease this bunch right now and convince them not to abandon him in 2012, as they were part of the coalition that propelled Democrats to mass majorities in the House and a filibuster-proof Senate along with the President’s election in 2008. Many of these same groups who publicly endorsed President Obama believe that his skin color would make passing their socialist agenda easier and quail any opposition with a rubber stamp Congress. For his part, President Obama realizes that he must direct their anger and rage elsewhere (i.e. Wall Street, one of his biggest fundraising sources) because if enough of these hard Leftists defect to a third party in 2012, then President Obama’s reelection chances in key states are seriously in doubt.

Union leaders, for their part, must try to convince these hard leftists to remain part of the 2008 coalition as President Obama’s so-called jobs bill will be another cash cow for them to use as a slush fund to elect more Democrats nationwide. They will direct their members to join these professional protestors in an effort to try and make this astroturf seem like a legitimate movement of working-class people raging against corruption and greed, when in reality it has been the working class that has borne the brunt of President Obama’s failed policies and governmental greed. I suspect that union leaders believe that if they can convince enough moderate Republicans in the House that this bad acting is actually legitimate, Boehner and his colleagues will panic and side with House Democrats in passing the President’s agenda over the objections of Tea Party-backed Republicans.

The incoherent message and list of demands from this coalition of hard leftist groups is more than enough indication to the majority of Americans that this is nothing more than pure astroturf at best and bad comedy at its worst as we watch what amounts to be a bunch of angry trust fund babies throw a tantrum over the fact that government (namely Obama and the Democrats) hasn’t provided them with all the promised goodies from 2008, Momma and Daddy refuse to carry them any further in life, demanding they grow up and become productive member of society. This is not a movement but a public display of children behaving badly, and this astroturf will never have the legitimacy of a pure grassroots movement like the Tea Party, which is a diverse group of Americans seeking to strengthen individual freedoms for the benefit of all Americans, including those who seem to be confused by the role of government in our lives.


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