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#OccupySanDiego Invites Tea Party Activist to Speak at Rally


Organizers of the “Occupy San Diego” protest have extended an invitation for Yours Truly to speak at their rally. They did so after after taking exception to an article I wrote which featured a video interview with a protester who identified himself as a socialist. Organizers objected to my depiction of them and stated that “socialists only represent the fringe element” and I would better understand if I accepted their offer to speak.

I have accepted their offer to speak at the “Occupy” protest in San Diego.

DATE: Wednesday, October, 19

: Approximately 5pm

LOCATION: Civic Center plaza at the intersection of 3rd & B Streets in downtown San Diego (subject to change).

Patriots! Will You Come Join Me?

It would be an amazing experience to look out into the crowd while speaking and see proud TEA Party members and Patriots among the “Occupy” protesters. Those of you in Southern California please mark you calendars and join me on Wednesday, October 19 at 5pm!

What To Expect

As an invited guest I intend to be cordial, respectful and frank so long as I am treated the same way.

I’ll see you there.


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