Reid: 'Millionaire Job Creators Are Like Unicorns…They Don't Exist'


The honorable member of the Senate delivered this intellectual commentary from the floor yesterday. We’re not sure which is more ludicrous; stating that millionaire job creators don’t exist or that unicorns are impossible to find.

From The Hill:

[youtube Nrfr5s6OofU]

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) suggested on Monday that millionaires who create jobs are a mere figment of Republicans’ imaginations.

“Millionaire job creators are like unicorns,” said Reid from the Senate floor. “They are impossible to find and don’t exist.”

Reid’s frustration has grown in past weeks as Republicans have repeatedly and overwhelmingly blocked almost every fragment of President Obama’s jobs package brought to the floor because Democrats have attempted to pay for them by raising taxes on millionaires. Republicans say they oppose that tax because it would hamper job creation.

But Reid said Monday morning that there was no evidence of a correlation between taxes on the wealthy and jobs.

“Republicans say the richest of the rich in our country … shouldn’t contribute more to put our economy back on track,” said Reid. “They call our plan time after time a ‘tax on job creators,’ and I say so-called job creators because … every shred of evidence contradicts this red herring.”

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