GOP Debate Reactions, Part II

Last night the leading GOP candidates for President held their final debate before voting starts in Iowa next month. Below are reactions from two more Breitbart editors.

Joel Pollak, EIC

I thought each of the candidates did well tonight. I was particularly impressed by Rep. Michele Bachmann–though I don’t care for her attacks on other candidates, she showed the poise that earned her frontrunner status early in the campaign. I was somewhat disappointed with Gov. John Huntsman, who is surging in New Hampshire and could have been expected to deliver a more effective performance.

Overall, I think these early debates have been helpful in putting forceful criticisms of President Obama in front of the American people, and in unifying the Republican message, though debates cannot not tell us all that we need to know about how each of the candidates might actually govern. I believe that voters are hungry for competence above all, having made the mistake of electing someone whose chief strength was his ability to deliver a speech or a well-tested comeback line.

Alex Marlow, Managing Editor,

Like college students the night before a term paper is due, Bachmann and Perry kicked it into high gear at the last possible moment. Perry was able to turn his perceived weakness (duh…debating) into a strength by playing the role of self-effacing folksy gentleman. Bachmann, much maligned by the MSM for the occasional gaffe (and let’s face it, the MSM just doesn’t like conservative, pro-life women), reminded America that’s she’s extremely articulate, down-the-line conservative, and arguably the most informed politician on the stage.

As far as the front-runners are concerned, Romney stayed out of trouble for most of the night but did not handle the Chris Wallace flip-flop question well. Newt, on the other hand, stumbled early when trying to explain his Freddie Mac connection, but bounced back in the second hour.


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