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Occupy-Linked Hacker Group Anonymous Releases Survival Guide For Violent Revolution


At the same time hacker group Anonymous was hacking Stratfor Global Intelligence and now a second veterans’ owned website which sells military-inspired merchandise, giving part of their proceeds to charity, they were also circulating what they call “a snapshot of what Anonymous thinks will be useful for your survival in case of a violent revolution in your country.” The 15 page document is available here via Scribd. The excerpt below is the foreword for the document. As website Zerohedge notes, one or two hacks of system critical financial institutions could easily produce widescale chaos, setting the stage for any number of significant events of this nature.

This Guide is for civilians who feel they are about to be caught up in a violent uprising or revolution to overthrow the oppressive government of their country. Although a revolution in favor of the people is a joyful thing when seen from the outside, it can be a bloody mess for those inside it. This guide will give you some basic ideas and tips for how you and your friends/neighbors/family can stay safe in the violent turmoil around you. It is not a ready-made recipe, but it contains general survival tactics and strategies.

Don’t panic, stay cool headed. • Take a break and rest if your body needs to relax, lack of sleep is a major weakening factor. • Avoid consuming mind altering substances like alcohol and drugs. They will cloud yourand act rationally. You are also arming the regime with propaganda that the crowd is made up of a bunch of intoxicated rioters. Don’t allow your movement to be portrayed in an unfavourable light. judgement and ability to think

The document’s index lists the following sections:

2. Noticing first signs 3. Make preparations 4. Food & water 5. Getting special assistance 6. Create a “take box” 7. First aid kit 8. General strategies 9. Additional security tips 10. How to deal with exceptional situations 10.1 Rape 10.2 Looting and robbery 11. How to deal with violent riots 12. Your safety when confrontations are unavoidable 13. Protesting violent opponents 14. Other references, tools, hints, strategie 15. Essential checklists

Perhaps also of note, New York Times best selling author Michael Thomas was predicting violence on behalf of the Occupy movement in a December 26 opinion item at the Daily Beast, though there’s nothing to suggest the two developments are at all linked.

But it won’t just end with taxes. When the great day comes, Wall Street will pray for another Pecora, because compared with the rough beast now beginning to strain at the leash, Pecora will look like Phil Gramm. Humiliation and ridicule, even financial penalties, will be the least of the Street’s tribulations. There will be prosecutions and show trials. There will be violence, mark my words. Houses burnt, property defaced. I just hope that this time the mob targets the right people in Wall Street and in Washington. (How does a right-thinking Christian go about asking Santa for Mitch McConnell’s head under the Christmas tree?)

A scenario in which a significant hacking of critical computer systems leads to mass panic and social unrest cannot simply be dismissed.


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