Obama's 'Organizing for America' Pose as Official Registrars in Virginia to Register Students?

Obama's 'Organizing for America' Pose as Official Registrars in Virginia to Register Students?

President Barack Obama got his start as a community organizer, working with groups like ACORN and other corrupt activist groups. ACRON eventually collapsed under the weight of its own corruption, but their tactics live on.

Organizing for America, the DNC project to reelect Barack Obama, is working to reelect the President. The President isn’t very popular right now for any number of reasons, Obamacare, the economy, unemployment, his seeming fetish for apologizing to people who hate us or kill our troops, $5+ trillion in new debt, etc., etc.

Whatever the case, Organizing for America has a steep hill to climb in front of it. Given the President’s affinity for, and past with ACORN, it’s not surprising that OfA would be caught using ACORN tactics.

Since current voters aren’t Obama’s biggest fans, new voters must be found. OfA has fanned out across the country to register them. None of this is unusual, in fact, it’s quite normal.

What isn’t normal is members of OfA going into a school, pretending to be from the registrar’s office, registering students who will turn 18 before the election and handing out campaign literature in the process. But that’s just what allegedly happened in Virginia last week.

Western Branch High School is looking to whether or not OfA volunteers claimed to be from the district’s registrar’s office and campaigned for the President to unsuspecting students.

The school is looking into the matter, but Virginia Democratic Party spokesman Brian Coy, when contacted for comment, was quite his last name on the matter. According to the local paper, Coy “disputed that any Organizing for America staff member or volunteer passed herself off as an employee of the registrar’s office. He also said the group came at the invitation of a teacher at the school, but he did not know which one.”

Teachers inviting groups in to register future voters isn’t out of the ordinary, but not being able to find out which teacher invited them is odd. And, given security around schools, it would be difficult for an unknown group of people to simply wander into a school, set up shop in the cafeteria and start gathering personal information, including Social Security numbers, unquestioned is. This lends credence to the allegation that someone in the group claimed they were there as representatives from the registrar’s office.

Nearly any group can go to a school and register voters, as long as they’ve cleared it with school administrators and act in a non-partisan way. As for why they were handing out papers with “Obama for America” on them, Coy said, “It sounds like there was a mix-up with the forms. These were volunteers and that may have been a mistake on their part. There was certainly no nefarious… intent. It was a simple mistake by volunteers.”

Note how he goes from assuming there was a “mix-up” to calling it “a simple mistake by volunteers.” That’s quite a leap to a declarative statement for someone who didn’t even know how they got into the school.

But that mystery isn’t the end of OfA’s problems in Virginia.

In a throwback to ACORN’s problems with mishandling of voter registration forms, OfA “is under investigation for allegedly breaking an election law.”

Turns out 147 people were disenfranchised by OfA because they failed to turn in voter registration forms in time, and in accordance to Virginia law. How this happened is unknown, as is which party these 147 disenfranchised registered for.

What is known is forms that, by law, had to be turned in by February 13th were not delivered until February 21st.

The matter has been referred to Charlottesville’s Commonwealth Attorney for investigation.

The crime is only a misdemeanor, but the impact on those 147 people who now won’t be able to vote is immeasurable.

After years of leftists accusing Republicans of trying to disenfranchise voters, it turns out, as always seems to, it is they who do it. The motivation behind this disenfranchisement is unknown, but will hopefully come out. If these “delayed” forms end up being of Republicans, that would go from an “accident” to a deliberate act. And, needless to say, had a Republican group done any of these things alleged here the media would not stop reporting on it, with every MSNBC host calling for Congressional hearing on the matter. But it was Democrats, so…crickets in the MSM.

It seems OfA has picked up right where their unofficial predecessor, ACORN, left off – in the sketchy gray-area of the law. This, of course, surprises…no one.


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