Left And Kucinich Lose In Ohio

Left And Kucinich Lose In Ohio

Democrat Marcy Kaptur beat the far left’s leading light and light-weight Democrat Dennis Kucinich after the two were forced to face off due to redistricting in Ohio. It was a loss for the left in American, as evidenced by the manner in which Kaptur attacked him – from the right.

He attacked Kaptur for voting to continue the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, for taking contributions from defense contractors, and for voting for a bill that he said would privatize NASA. He also criticized her for “Swift Boat-advertising tactics,” referring to a Kaptur television commercial that said Kucinich was anti-jobs, anti-seniors and anti-veterans. Kaptur defended the ad, saying Kucinich voted against the 1999 law establishing a prescription drug benefit for seniors through Medicare Part D, and he opposed some job creation bills.

Like your typical leftist, Kucinich whined, complained and criticized in the face of defeat. Kaptur will go on to face Joe Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber.

In a concession speech just past midnight, a bitter Kucinich described opposition’s campaign as ‘lacking in integrity, filled with false truths’

The fact is, when it’s exposed, America takes the far left about as seriously in terms of ideas, as it does a Dennis Kucinich. But, just how serious can that be when it appears it’s Kucinich’s wife that will really be missed in Washington? As for Dennis, that’s another story just as the left will be once America sorts things out in November.

Kucinich, by himself, was a colorful figure. But Mrs. Kucinich was, if not a national obsession, then certainly a treasured District landmark. Like the pandas and the cherry blossoms, we knew that we would not keep her forever. In the meantime, everyone was mesmerized.

The perpetually boyish former mayor of Cleveland and two-time Democratic presidential contender has many quirks. He’s vegan. He proposed a Department of Peace. He saw a UFO and said Jimmy Carter had seen one too. He wanted to impeach Dick Cheney.

But Mrs. Kucinich was something completely different.