ObamaCare Subjects Nearly Every Phone and Computer to Government Control

As we have been again reminded by the Barack Obama Administration’s fraudulent Sandra Fluke, abortion-pill-and-birth-control assault on the First Amendment, we are staring down the barrel of the ObamaCare gun.

Its 2014 full-on implementation will lead inexorably to more and more rescissions of our Constitutional rights, a downward spiral of poorer, slower medical attention, rationing thereof – and ultimately all of us herded into the government-only Communal Care Pit.

This is not just another assault on individual health care.  It is yet another attack on the entire Internet and technology free market Xanadu that exists – and has only just begun to develop.

See: Neutrality, Network.

The completely absurd Fluke-esque demand for birth control “freedom” – from charge – obfuscates and distracts from the dramatic, sweeping freedom losses that ObamaCare imposes.

On July 19, 2011, the Obama Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released Draft Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff on Mobile Medical Applications.

I.e. our smartphone, tablet and computer apps.

The Obama Administration – the most unilateral-power-grab Presidency in our nation’s history – is asserting that these mobile medical apps may pose “risks.”  And thusly should be regulated as medical devices.

The only “risks” posed by these individualized medical marvels – are to the Administration’s push to consign us all to the Communal Care Pit.  The more control we each have over our own health care, the less Communal control our Overlords have.

And this obviously must be stopped.


According to the Administration, the two dollar app that takes your blood pressure should be regulated like an MRI machine.

(And does anyone doubt that one day in the not-too-distant future we’ll be able on these wondrous devices to self-MRI?)

And because your phone has on it the two dollar blood pressure app – the Obama FDA asserts that they can thusly regulate your entire phone.  Because according to them that one app has turned your phone into a “medical device.”

Under the FDA’s expansive parameters, almost any device on which you do almost anything regarding your health – your smartphones, your tablets, your desktop and laptop computers – will be regulated.

Did you use your smartphone/tablet/computer camera or microphone to monitor something health-related?  It just became an Obama FDA-regulated medical device.

Did you save your health care data on any smartphone/tablet/computer? That too is now regulated.

Did you send an email containing any health care information to your doctor?  The device from which you sent said missive is too now regulated.

Think we’re exaggerating?

Here’s the Obama FDA’s long litany of “Mobile Medical Apps.”  A virtually limitless expansion of regulatory authority over not just the:

List of functionalities to illustrate types of mobile medical apps.

But also the:

Mobile medical apps that transform or make the mobile platform into a regulated medical device by using attachments or sensors or similar medical device functions.

And the:

Mobile medical apps that allow the user to input patient-specific information and – using formulae or a processing algorithm – output a patient-specific result, diagnosis, or treatment recommendationthat is used in clinical practice or to assist in making clinical decisions.

In other words – almost any device on which you do almost anything regarding your health.

Still think we’re exaggerating?

Obama’s FDA is concurrently asserting that the adult stem cells in your body are a “drug” – and that therefore your body is now government regulatory property.

In another outrageous power-grab, FDA says your own stem cells are drugs–and stem cell therapy is interstate commerce because it affects the bottom line of FDA-approved drugs in other states!…

Remember when the Left’s battle cry was “Get Your Hands Off My Body?”

In the Age of Fluke, it is now “Let me get my hands on your wallet, so that others can cost-free get their hands on my body.”

The government has gone from protecting your life, liberty and property from others – to guaranteeing others access to your life, liberty and property.

The implication of the FDA’s interpretation of the law, if upheld by the court, would mean that all food, drugs, devices, and biologic or cosmetic products would be subject to FDA jurisdiction. The FDA is expanding its reach even to commerce within (a single) state….

Still think we’re exaggerating?


The choice in November is yours.

You can be snow-blinded by a corrupt, Fluke-ish “War on Woman” – where free-from-cost birth control is allegedly the greatest freedom problem facing our nation.

Or you can with your untrammeled sight view the gi-normous usurpations of our freedom in which President Obama and his Democrat cohorts have serially engaged.

Perhaps most gi-normous of all being ObamaCare.  Under which the government is doing what government always does – expanding boundlessly the parameters of its authoritarian control.

Up to and including over nearly every computer device we own – and the very stem cells our bodies contain.

Tell you what – I’ll co-opt the Left’s old mantra. I’ll pay for my birth control, and you Get Your Hands Off My Body – and my smartphones, tablets and computers.

As freedom trade-offs go, that’s a pretty good one.


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