Occupiers Move to Union Square

Occupy Protest (File/Reuters)

Has the Occupy Wall Street movement found a new home at Union Square in New York? That seems to be the case, according to a tip from someone associated with the #OWS movement. The move has some significant restrictions, however, and doesn’t appear to be sustainable.

A source told me:

Occupy has a new camp in NYC, one in Union Square.  So far the city is allowing it, probably because of the way Saturday went.   Basically the cops say they can stay there as long as there are no tents brought in. The cops don’t allow people to congregate in groups of more than 25, so the occupiers are scattered over an area of Union Square.

This information jibes with a report on New York website Gothamist about an arrest at Union Square yesterday.

Photographer Ellen Moynihan estimates that at least 300 converged in Union Square for a rally. “Occupy Wall Street was able to set up a camp along the main set of stairs facing Broadway, as long as no tents were used or people entered the park proper,” Moynihan reports. “To many, the move to Union Square is a signal of Occupy Wall Street finding a new home.”

These restrictions would make it very unlikely to create the kind of presence and media exposure that Occupy Wall Street would want, so expect more nomadic movements around Manhattan.


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