Physicians Mobilize for Reform Alternative to AMA-backed ObamaCare

Physicians Mobilize for Reform Alternative to AMA-backed ObamaCare

While polls indicate the vast majority of America’s medical doctors remain staunchly opposed to ObamaCare, a large and growing number have now begun to rise up in dissent of the government mandated law.   In an unprecedented move, a coalition of medical organizations are scheduled to convene the weekend of May 5-6 in San Diego, CA to create the nation’s first  ever consensus-based, healthcare reform blueprint based upon the input of the majority of medical industry professionals.  Or as conference organizer Dr. Adam Dorin puts it, “a bottom up approach to healthcare reform not a top down approach like we currently have.”

Dr. Jane Orient, the Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons explains why it is that doctors now feel the need to be proactive,

“Physicians can’t wait around for Congress to ‘fix’ the damage politicians have done to American medicine.  At least 40% of the money poured into the system buys no actual care for patients but is bled off by the third-party payment system. Patients and physicians must take back control. Most medical transactions have no need of a bureaucrat overseer, either from government or the managed-care system.”

President Obama has tried to sell the American public on the merits of his plan based upon the fact that it has been endorsed by the AMA (American Medical Association).  But as Dr. Dorin tells me,

What people don’t realize and what Obama didn’t say is that the AMA only represents about 15% of practicing physicians in America.  In other words, 85% of the doctor’s were shut out of the discussion.  Our blueprint will include the 85%.

While President Obama made a 2008 campaign promise to be the most transparent  administration in history, he somehow neglected to disclose the relationship that exists between the AMA and the federal government.

According to Dr. Dorin, the AMA receives approximately $70 million dollars annually from its exclusive copyright on medical “coding”.  Medical coding is the process of transforming descriptions of medical diagnoses and procedures into universal medical code numbers.

“Their medical coding copyright essentially makes them a wholly-owned subsidiary of the federal government.   These onerous regulations and “codes” have made the AMA rich at the expense of physicians and patients.  These code requirements are expected to increase greatly under the new Obamacare,  and the AMA gets paid a royalty for each one.  Something which the President  forgot  to mention.  The new codes will profile your every move at every moment of your medical life — pegging you with descriptors about your weight, your looks, your hobbies, your personal sex life, and just about everything else that makes you ‘you.’  Based on these codes, which are also used by all private insurance companies, your care will be relegated to predetermined categories and restricted options.”

The conference called, Creating the Blueprint for True Healthcare Reform: Physicians First, Patients Foremost, is open to everyone and in fact is soliciting ideas from the public.

“We want the public to help us create the blueprint”, Dr. Dorin said. This is also a perfect opportunity for Governor Romney to participate in the nations’ only consensus, bottom up approach to creating healthcare reform.  He is going to have to differentiate himself from Obama on healthcare reform during the campaign. He now has an opportunity to do so.  He has been invited and we’re told his campaign is interested in him participating.  To what degree we don’t know yet.”

To paraphrase the late Andrew Breitbart, politics is downstream from society.  Patients, physicians, nurses, and all of America are depending on our politicians to recognize that the “Affordable Care Act” must be replaced by a physician-based, patient-centric blueprint for medical system reform.


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