Friendly Fire: Occupier Hits Occupier with Brick to Face

Friendly Fire: Occupier Hits Occupier with Brick to Face

Yesterday afternoon, San Francisco protesters returned to 888 Turk Street, a vacant building they briefly occupied last month. After re-occupying the vacant building Tuesday, some members of the group climbed onto the roof and began throwing pipes, rocks, and bricks at the mixture of police and protesters below.

In one of the few moments of solidarity between police and occupiers yesterday, protesters on the ground shouted for the people on the roof to stop throwing the dangerous missiles into the crowd. Moments later, someone on the roof responded with another brick. Video of the incident shows a man with a video camera, apparently an occupier, knocked to the ground. An eyewitness report posted on Twitter (since deleted) indicated that the victim suffered a cut to his face and was taken away by EMTs.

The building is owned by the Archdiocese of San Francisco and has been vacant for several years. When Occupiers took it over in April, their stated goal was a permanent occupation which would also serve as a homeless shelter. On that occasion, police ejected them approximately 24 hours later. Authorities are reportedly contacting the owners once again to verify that the occupiers do not have permission to be in the building. Once confirmed, police will presumably clear the property once again.


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