Obama Camp Crybabies Over NYT Poll

Obama Camp Crybabies Over NYT Poll

The MSNBC clip embedded below focuses on how Obama’s decision to finally stop lying about his position on same-sex marriage has pretty much backfired. In a new CBS/NYT poll, 67% of the American people see Obama’s decision as a political one, but only because it is. Rather than face the fact that a poll that historically skews in favor of Democrats has bad news for them, the Obama campaign chooses denial with a side order of crybaby.


The problem with this approach is that whining and complaining doesn’t make for good politics. Bill Clinton never whined, Clinton attacked. Sure, he lied and obfuscated, but at least he didn’t look weak and feckless. Obama, today, looks weak, feckless, and incompetent — or what Clinton might call: an amateur.

More bad news in the poll is Romney’s 46-43% overall lead over Obama (which is perfectly in line with other polls) and a 46-44% Romney lead with … women! And if you look at the poll, which re-interviewed those polled previously, that was the only demographic that made a real move — a full eight point swing.

Obviously this poll has demoralized and frustrated the Obama camp, and for good reason — it’s disproved the idea that patronizing women with government excess will win them over, and that the the same-sex marriage decision was a good one. The bottom line is that the Obama campaign is allowing the corrupt media (who spent days bullying Obama to come out in favor of gay marriage) to impact its decisions, and the corrupt media is as bubbled and out of touch as the campaign.

The elite leading the elite is no way to win a nationwide election.

To add to their many other woes, whining is a disastrous approach to news you don’t like, especially if you’re looking to woo women voters. No one likes a whiner, especially the ladies. Like all of us, women are looking for leadership in this failed economy, not excuses and finger pointing.