Obama Campaign Focuses on Walker Recall

Obama Campaign Focuses on Walker Recall

Wisconsin is a critical state in Obama’s strategy to win reelection. HE won it handily against McCain in 2008, but recent polling there is consistent with other swing states; the race between Obama and Romney is very tight. It is hard to see a path to another term that doesn’t include Wisconsin in Obama’s column. Fearful that a Walker victory in next month’s recall would be a crippling blow to the state’s Democrat party, the Obama campaign is shifting its entire campaign infrastructure in the state to help oust Walker on June 5th. 

The MacIver Institute filed this report:

This is just the latest sign that the political landscape in WI is shifting away from the unions. All recent polling has shown solid movement towards Walker. However, we can’t underestimate the power of these kinds of turnout operations. Obama’s campaign’s shift to working on the recall may be born out of a sense of panic, but it still represents a considerable addition to the union’s turnout efforts. 

Early voting began on Monday, with reports of strong turnout across the state, not just in liberal enclaves of Madison and Milwaukee. This alone doesn’t tell us a lot, except that its going to be a wild few days until the finish on June 5th. 


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