Shock: Romney Fundraising Blows Past Obama

Shock: Romney Fundraising Blows Past Obama

Obama’s terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week just got a little worse. This morning, the Obama campaign announced that it and the DNC had raised a whopping $60 million in May, outpacing their disappointing numbers in April. Hours later, though, the Romney campaign and RNC announced they had raised a staggering $76 million in May, blowing past Obama’s haul. 

Obama has been on a non-stop fundraising sprint, spending about a third of his time raising money. He even had the big, gala Clooney-polooza event in Hollywood. Yet Romney raised 25% more than him last month. As the Vice President would say, “that’s a big f$%king deal.” 

Romney’s aggressive campaign is winning the news cycle and the messaging battle. Now, they are winning the money race. Looks like its the GOP that has embraced “hope and change” this election. 


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