DNC Chair Doubles Down on 'Felony' Charge Against Romney

DNC Chair Doubles Down on 'Felony' Charge Against Romney

If the Obama campaign was hoping to move past the hysterical overreach of Stephanie Cutter’s outrageous “felon” charge against Mitt Romney last week, it’s just been extended for a few more days. DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was on MSNBC this morning and, when confronted with the irresponsibilty of the accusation, chose to double down :

What Stephanie [Cutter] said, rightfully so, is that either Mitt Romney was lying on SEC forms and misrepresenting to his investors — which could be a felony — that he was the sole owner, president, CEO of Bain Capital from 1999 until almost the end of 2001, or he wasn’t and represented that he was.

You know, it can’t be both. … Refusing to, you know, release his tax returns when he clearly has investments in Swiss bank accounts, investments in a Bermuda corporation which, by the way, he turned over to his wife’s control the day before he became governor.

This coming from the very same Debbie Wasserman Schultz who invests her own money overseas and refuses to release her own tax returns (Romney has agreed to two years which is more than the legal requirement).

Meanwhile, Obama hides the White House guest list in plain sight, uses executive privilege to avoid releasing Fast and Furious documents, and refuses to disclose thousands of donors to his 2008 campaign.

Moreover, these Bain attacks are only working to help Obama allies in the media from talking about the economy. Which does help Obama, but as far as the polls, the needle hasn’t moved at all. To voters worried about finding or keeping a job, this is likely all white noise.

From where I’m standing, the Obama campaign looks nasty and desperate. It would be interesting to know what their internal polls are telling them. When you have to resort to hurling unfounded criminal charges, that’s fear, not confidence.  


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