Gowdy: Fast and Furious Report Within Weeks

Gowdy: Fast and Furious Report Within Weeks

On Monday, South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy told Breitbart News to expect the Inspector General’s report on Operation Fast & Furious within weeks, not months.

The report by Michael Horowitz will help determine what happened in the gunwalking scandal. Guns from the operation have been found at the deaths of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and 300+ Mexicans. They’ve also been found at twelve crime scenes across America. 1,400 guns of the 2,000+ are still missing.

Gawdy was cautious when discussing how the Oversight Committee would proceed. The report’s findings will determine the Committee’s next steps. If the report blames the failures of Fast and Furious on Arizona, it will be considered incomplete, because the evidence the Oversight Committee has collected proves otherwise.

There is concern about what would happen if Attorney General Eric Holder is fired, resigns, or if Obama is not re-elected. Rep. Gowdy assured Breitbart News that Congress will not give up until the victims receive justice and their families receive answers.  The people ultimately responsible for Fast & Furious will not fall through the cracks.

Rep. Gowdy was pleased about the CNN poll showing 53% of Americans agree with the contempt vote against Holder. Despite the mainstream media ignoring the story, people know about it. Gowdy also told Breitbart News his constituents talk about Fast and Furious all the time, even though they’re in South Carolina. They want something done about this.

The administration wants Fast & Furious to go away, but it won’t until the entire truth comes out.