Game On: Ryan Pick Begins Debate for America

Game On: Ryan Pick Begins Debate for America

America faces an existential crisis. Governments, at all levels, are burdened by unsustainable spending commitments. Our once mighty economic engine is creaking under the weight of onerous regulation and an antiquated tax system. The biggest unkept secret in Washington is that current government policy isn’t working and needs an overhaul. Obama and the Democrats have offered meaningless gimmicks and platitudes to address these problems. Romney’s bold pick of Rep. Paul Ryan today as his running mate sends a clear message that he and the GOP will offer a serious plan to reverse our country’s decline. The debate for America begins today. 

Paul Ryan is the only politician who has come forward with a concrete and specific plan to clean up the government’s fiscal mess. There may be quibbles with this or that part, but it is a real plan to reform our tax code and rescue our failing entitlements. As thanks, the Democrats and media have vilified and smeared Ryan. While offering no serious proposals of their own, the Democrats hide behind cheap rhetoric, hoping to deceive the voters one election cycle at a time. Romney’s pick of Ryan signals that the GOP is ready for a serious discussion with the American people. 

The attacks on Ryan will be even more vicious and relentless than we’ve seen. The folks at BuzzFeed and Politico are already in hyperdrive, looking for angles to embarrass or smear Ryan. It isn’t really any particular of his plan that they hate. What they fear is that his entire plan is based on one thing; freedom. Ryan’s entire philosophy is built on pulling back the heavy hand of government to empower the American people to rebuild our proud nation. 

There will be plenty of time over the next few weeks to discuss Ryan and his commitment to freedom. Today, we should focus on what his elevation to vice-presidential candidate says about his running mate, Mitt Romney. Romney has been criticized as being overly slick. A politician who is evasive and offers only the most general and vague policy prescriptions for our problems. That line of argument hit its sell-by date today. 

More importantly, Romney’s pick of Ryan signals that he wants to be a leader. He understands that America’s current path will lead to economic ruin. Romney apparently believes that the American people understand this as well and are ready for a serious discussion on changing course. He is going to offer voters a choice. And its a choice that could not be more clear. 

The campaign became a lot more important today.

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