Head Start: Fact Checking the Democrat Convention

Head Start: Fact Checking the Democrat Convention

How can you check facts from a Convention before it begins. Easy. We know exactly what they’re going to say. 

Let’s run down some of the things that will be said early and often and do our fact checking now. It will be busy during the convention, a lot of claims flying fast and fearless and Democrats will make up some new stuff that we haven’t heard before, so let’s get some of the heavy lifting out of the way. 

“Obama has created 4.5 million jobs in the last 29 months.”  Correct, only if you live in a bubble and nobody has ever lost a job since he’s been in the White House. This is just half the story. The Democrats and their media ignore the context, which is the number of people who have lost jobs. Twenty-three million Americans have lost their jobs or have become under employed under Obama, so by my math, the net loss is nearly 20 million. Of course, these numbers are tough to quantify, but there’s no sign it will get better under Obama. The 4.5 million number will be used often in Charlotte.

“We need to not return to what caused this economic meltdown in the first place.” This lie by the left is everywhere right now. This is the danger for not correcting them when they first created this falsehood. The economic meltdown that we are in today was primarily caused when politicians, mainly Democrats, promoted affordable housing and asked, encouraged, rewarded, and forced banks to give loans that they would never have given in the first place. Those loans were then “guaranteed” to the banks through government.  Banks would not have concocted this scheme on their own. They did it because government officials (did I say mainly Democrats?)  told them to do it. They could (and did) stand in front of voters and brag about how easy it was to get a home. Affordable housing is the hell that started all this and it was not started by banks, it was started by government regulations. 

There will be plenty of silly statements that will be so outrageous that they would never be fact-checked by anybody in the media because they don’t have the guts to do so. But here are a few more. 

“Republicans want to kill Medicare” Okay, we’ve got that. ObamaCare steals $718 billion from Mediacare, but Republicans want to kill it, right.

“You didn’t build that.” Wait, wrong script. Whoops. Who loaded the promoter?

“Republicans want to help the rich.” Here’s one statement that’s actually correct. But they leave out the part that Republicans believe anybody who wants to be rich, can be rich, and all are welcome. This is sort of the American Way. The more wealth we have as a nation, the more we can spend on helping the truly needy, and we do.

“Romney didn’t pay his taxes for 10 years.” Who told Harry the Convention was this week?

“Republicans hate the planet.” Of course we do. 

“Republicans want to take away your underwear.” Hmmmm. It could happen.

“Yes we can.” No you didn’t. Skip that. Democrats probably won’t use that line at the Convention, it’s pretty embarrassing. 

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