Photo: Dems To Use Trick Photography to Fill Chairs?

Photo: Dems To Use Trick Photography to Fill Chairs?

Call it “The Empty Chair Convention.”

Rick Klein, Senior Washington Editor of ABC News, just tweeted out this photo of the stage the Democrat convention will be held on (posted above).

As you can see, Klein’s photo reveals the screens that will serve as the television backdrop behind whomever’s speaking — and it looks to me as though the Democrats intend to show an artificial sea of faces in order to make the convention hall look a whole lot fuller than it might be.

If you look closely, they have three tiers of adoring, enraptured Obama-worshippers at the ready should they need them.

There’s a lot of talk and concern amongst Democrats and their Media Palace Guards  that for his big acceptance speech Thursday night, President Obama might not be able to fill the Bank of America stadium. There are also reports that Democrat operatives have been reduced to handing out free tickets to the event at bars and elsewhere — probably in a frantic last minute attempt to fill seats.

There’s no question that, like most failed incumbents, Obama has an enthusiasm gap to deal with this year. Long before Clint Eastwood forever branded Obama an “empty chair,” the President has been plagued by the disturbing optics of a one-time political rock star no longer able to pack a house. Most memorably, this all started with Obama’s disastrous reelection kick-off event.

Ever since, Team Obama has been forced to save face and not risk a repeat of that calamity with the hilarious spin that President Greek Columns has now chosen to campaign before smaller, more intimate crowds.


Thankfully for Obama, though, he need not worry about filling his convention hall. After all, we live in a magic age of illusion — one manufactured by Democrats and their media allies who constantly tell us that a failed president currently sitting with an approval rating of 43% is still popular.

And from the looks of Klein’s photo, if the people won’t come to see The One, The One will simply lower the oceans, heal the planet, and manufacture his own adoring multitudes.


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