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Marriage Gap: 57% of Married Voters Say Obama Doesn't Deserve Reelection

Marriage Gap: 57% of Married Voters Say Obama Doesn't Deserve Reelection

I’ve noted before that the media-obsessed “gender gap” is really a marriage gap. Sure, single women support the Democrats by wide margins, but married women throw significant support to Republicans. The Democrats simply have a serious problem with married voters. The depth of this problem was confirmed yet again in the latest poll from The Hill. The poll of likely voters found that 57% of married voters say Obama doesn’t deserve reelection. Only 37% say he does. The 20-point margin is far larger than the total universe of voters. 

I should note that this poll of likely voters has an R+2 sample. Its a nice change to deal with a poll using a realistic sample rather than the mythical D+7-9 samples the media have been peddling. In 2004, the electorate was evenly split. Given that Rasmussen recently found that more voters currently identify as Republican than Democrat, an R+2 electorate is entirely plausible. Even if it is slightly generous to the GOP, the 20-point margin among married voters is way beyond any partisan skew in the sample. 

It is curious that Democrats have such a persistent problem with married voters. And, it isn’t just among women. Men strongly support Republicans, but single men favor Democrats. I think its partly that being married gets you focused on the seriousness of life. You have roots, which need to be tended. Single life can be a bit more frivolous. It would be an interesting question for political science professors to explore if they weren’t harden lefties engorging themselves on government grants. 

I’m also curious why The Hill didn’t include a head-to-head match-up in their poll. Seems weird to spend money on a poll and not ask the question currently on everyone’s mind: Who is winning? I think we can deduce from this poll how that would have worked out. So, exit question: Did they simply not ask that question or did they ask it and not letting the answer out? 

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