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Dems Silent On HHS Breast Screening Recommendations At DNC

Dems Silent On HHS Breast Screening Recommendations At DNC

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz delivered a short (by Clinton standards) speech this evening wherein she championed Obamacare and discussed how the restrictive law would have a positive impact on those who deal or have dealt with breast cancer, like herself. What wasn’t mentioned is how Obama’s HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius instituted an unelected task force which tried to get ahead of rationing costs by recommending women in their 40s and younger avoid early detection breast health screenings. 

The recommendations was made by a panel of doctors, among them not a single oncologist

It was an odd recommendation considering that Democrats — like Wasserman Schultz — tried to sell the public on how Obamacare’s preventative care would curb health costs. 

It was a move preceding the launch of Obamacare, which is why it was odd that Obama tried to distance himself from the HHS on the matter, but only when the backlash hit. Not surprising that the women on stage lauding Obamacare would be very careful to not mention this very anti-woman secret of their health care law.  


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